Thursday, August 17, 2006

Flying nightmares?

Ugh! Would I fly on a commercial airline out of a UK airport just now? I don't think so.

Even though all the 'for-show-to-the-Daily-Mail-reading-public' security measures have now been relaxed a little, I still don't fancy it.

A few weeks ago I flew to, and returned from, an airport not very far from London. Our local airport was a breeze: short queue at check-in, slick process at security, relaxed and quiet (for a daytime slot) by the gates and a simple walk to the domestic jet for the flight. But the airport not very far from London? Completely different matter. Again it was a daytime flight (a Sunday afternoon if you must know): a long, slow moving, queue at check-in, a faff at security, crowded and expensive departure lounges, a looonnng walk to the gate, a short walk to the plane (one good point anyway), and then a flight with some kid kicking me in the back every so often, but not quite often enough for me to risk the ire of its stupid mother.

Flying just isn't a pleasant experience! Perhaps it's time the carriers and airports stopped thinking about the appearance of security, and thought about improving the experience of flying. Afterall, no matter the extra security measures put in over the last 10 days, a determined bomber could still have caused a device to explode in the hold of an aircraft... just like in Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, 1988.


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