Thursday, May 07, 2009

The "Two Source" rule?

Just like I've said for ages, journalists tend to get it wrong on most stories, in some critical detail. In this case, journalists from 'quality' newspapers were found to have taken a mis-quote from the wikipedia page about Maurice Jarre (film composer, father of Jean-Michel), the quote actually coming from someone else entirely, and then printed it in Maurice's obituary. So, these professional journalists have broken the 'two source' rule that professional journalists are supposed to honour - you should have two independent, reliable sources for any fact in a story.

Okay, guilty as charged, I've only used one source,, but then I'm only a blogger so I don't count because my writing is too risky anyway.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Alexander Mosley, RIP

Even in the world of F1, there have got to be times when we just stop all the back-biting (guilty as charged!), and pray for others (if that’s your thing, or whatever alternative you prefer). It is a terrible thing for a parent to lose a child, whatever the circumstances, and for that my prayers are with Max Mosley and his family tonight.

(I just wish the BBC news story didn't have to trawl up dredge up reminders of the last time Max was in the headlines - it's just not relevant to the current situation)