Friday, July 20, 2007

Real-World Development Methodologies?

From The Server Side, Scott Berkun has written a short piece on real-world development methodologies. None of your usual XP (eXtreme Programming), RAD (Rapid Application Development), or JSP (Jackson Structured Programming), but methods like ADD (Asshole Driven Development), and four more. Read here. And more here from Tiffehr.

However, in complete contradiction to Joel Spolsky's rant this morning on the Signal-to-Noise ratio of comments in blogs, there's plenty in the comments on Scott Berkun post. I particularly recognise Das Albatross's OSD (Out of Scope Development), Broccoli's DCP (Decapitated Chicken Process), and Venkat's BTPWAL (Blame The People Worked and Left) methodologies from a place I used to work!

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