Thursday, September 13, 2007

Two Worlds ... wrong location

I live in Europe, and I've just received a copy of the PC version of Two Worlds as a gift from a friend in the US. It installed just fine, but when I run it, I get the following message:
This version of the game cannot be run in your location.
Please email for help.
Not only is this classic 'annoy the legitimate end user in some misguided effort to stop piracy', but the work around suggests I should re-configure my operating environment to 'trick' the game into believing I live in the US, and confusing all the other programs on my system that need to have accurate time stamps - such as my virus checker!

This is unacceptable. If it weren't for the fact that this was a gift, I would be taking the game back to the shop, forthwith!

All the companies involved in this product: Reality Pump (warning: Flash site. Ugh!), Zuxxez Entertainment, TopWare Interactive, and SouthPeak Games should all take a long hard look at their strategies for (avoiding) annoying legitimate customers.

UPDATE: What's worse is that I've now had time to try the workaround, and it simply doesn't work around anything. So now I've mailed the 'support' email, instead of the 'legal' email.

FURTHER UPDATE: It works now. However, I have to keep my PC in the EST timezone (in which it clearly does not belong), and I've created a user specifically for use with Two Worlds so that I don't have to put up with US locale on everything else.

FINAL UPDATE: This post of mine seems to be the most popular (via Google Analytics) to date, especially coming via Google searches, so I'll say 'Hi!' to everyone coming in via this post in particular, then point out that, if you're having this problem, and want to know more about how to configure your PC with my solution, check out the comments (there's only 2 atm). Finally, I must say that I've really enjoyed playing Two Worlds after all the grief I had, so it was all worth it in the end. It plays quite like Oblivion, but without all the Blue Screens of Death! Have fun!


  1. hello there i too am from the UK and ive just got two worlds from wall mart in the usa.. travling home next week.. and i really want to keep this game. how do i change my laptop to beable to play this us ver thanks chris

  2. I found that changing the timezone of your PC (using the time/date control panel) and the locale setting (use the Regional and Language Settings control panel) to a US timezone and US (English) locale did the trick.

    After setting the timezone, you can change the clock time to be correct for your locality, providing it isn't set to automatically synchronise the clock with an Internet Time Server.

    You can also tweak the locale settings so that numbers, currencies and dates still look like UK English ones.

    So, for the most part, your PC will still act as if it were in the UK, but will also enable you to play Two Worlds.

    Note also that you could set up an alternative user on your PC just to play Two Worlds. In this case, that user is the only one that needs the US (English) locale setting, although the whole PC needs the US timezone.

    I hope you get it working Chris. I found it was worth the effort in the end - Two Worlds is a big game with plenty of gameplay in it - though your laptop must be a very good one if it meets the minimum requirements for the game!

    Best of luck.

  3. same problem here in Italy with a regula copy buyed in USA... :(

  4. It's not only the US version that has the problem. I've bought the UK version because here in the Netherlands I could not find it in any shop. Same stupid dialog. I've advised the people at Zuxxez to fix the problem. If they do not, I might just go to some consumer organisation to see if a case can be made against them. They should at least state somewhere on the box that you need to be in a specific location, as according to their booklet I accepted the terms of the software by just opening the box. Bad show from these people.

    Setting my timezone and location to UK didn't help by the way.

  5. I'm sorry that timezone and location weren't enough, Drak. I don't know exactly what the game checks at runtime, I just found that locale, language and timezone were sufficient.

    But you're absolutely right - the publishers should take the blame for this idiotic restriction.

  6. well personaly i yust installed the game, and got that same error, only dif is that i acctually bought it in the country i live in and not in the us (sweden is were i am) now, one thinks that the copy from your own country should be able to be run in your own country XD

  7. how do i know what timezone i should be in?

    Same here for me, bought in sweden and live in sweden and still get that message.

  8. If you have a box that looks like this or this (mine is this one), it is probably the US version, so a US timezone should do it.

    If you have this box, then it's the UK one.

    If neither image matches, try looking at the address of the publisher (possibly bottom left corner of the back of the box). My copy gives SouthPeak Games, Grapevine, TX (Texas) - a US address. The game should run in the location where the publisher lives... !

    Lycka till er båda.

  9. I had the UK version and found that it didnt work. Turns out that I had the wrong timezone set - once I set it back to GMT all started working.

    Very annoying (and bordering on amateur) feature to have in a game.

    Anyway - thanks all for pointing me in the right direction

  10. faggots i cant believe the hassle to play this game. i got it for 10 nz dollars tho. haahhaa thats like 4.20 or something american

  11. Even worse. I live in the Netherlands, I bought the game in a regular Dutch store and still I get the same error. Unbelievable. This store called Dixon's obviously purchased the game for little in the US or somewhere else outside of Europe and sells it for big money here in the NL.

  12. I guess the problem with Dixon's is that they're a British company, so buy in bulk from whatever supplier is cheapest.

    I'm sure you have grounds for a refund from the store, although I'm assuming your local trades law is similar to UK.

  13. thanks mate, i have this problem too, because i moved down to south america, bloody hell.. i can't believe this kind of discrimination... hell i've been searching for support and now you've saved my poor soul for destroying the bloody game...

    thanks a lot mate.

  14. @SlackAliss

    I indeed brought the game back to the store and got my money back.

  15. Well its 10 years from the original posters thread and i have a UK version of the game and i'm in the UK!
    Same problem, thanks for the info man anyway wherever you may be now.