Thursday, August 14, 2008

Barbara Bauer Redux

Back in May, I wrote about literary agent Barbara Bauer, and her attempts to sue Wikimedia for comments by a third party in the Wikipedia. A perfect example of the much-cited Streisand Effect.

Now the case has finally reached judgement, the EFF reports that the New Jersey judge has dismissed Ms Bauer's claims as federal law protects online forums and bulletin boards from liability for their (non-staff) contributors' comments. (Section 230 of the CDA)

I told you so.

And, of course, this information will cause another round of "isn't Barbara Bauer ignorant of the law" posts... more negative publicity for the Barbara Bauer Literary Agency.

Ah, the lawyers strike again, and walk away unharmed, and no doubt hansomely paid for their time and poor advice. Can anyone say "professional liability"?

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