Sunday, November 02, 2008

Is Hamilton the F1 Champion?

Well, he finished 5th, and that was all he needed to have 98 points to Massa's 97 (having won the final race), but what does it say for the credibility of the FIA and their stewards that I'm just waiting for them to find a way to penalise Hamilton or McLaren such that he looses it by one point instead?

However, a final note on the grace of the runner up - Filipe Massa showed true class when he thanked the crowd for their support, and did not partake of their disgraceful treatment of Hamilton on the run into parc fermé. It's not true that nice guys finish last - he did win the race, and nearly the championship, but it is clear that we have not seen the last of Massa in the top places in the F1 championship table.

An exciting end, to an exciting season. Afterall, how long is it since we've had a season with 7, yes, SEVEN different grand prix winners?

... actually, it was 2003 - one of Michael Schumacher's 7 championship years, but not one of his most dominant. So not so long :)

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