Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Knife Crime in London

For roughly the last year or so the British media (including normally credible sources like BBC News) have been making a massive fuss about every case of mortal injury involving a knife, especially in London.

Now that last part, 'especially in London,' is completely normal for the British media. For some reason the rest of the country is rather lower in their priorities than their maids' long-term health. Not sure why this is... perhaps the fact that most of them live in London and the so-called Home Counties, and look down their powdered noses at anyone that even considers living beyond Reading, Winchester, Oxford or Cambridge.

Now I find out (thanks to the Register) something that I've suspected all along: the pattern of knife attacks in London is no different than normal (and hasn't been for some time!). Quel surprise!

Just another case of media hype, just like their claim that the entire UK was in mourning for months after the (admittedly quite sad) death of Diana, Princess of Wales. Whereas the fact is that most people were shocked for about 10 minutes when they heard the news, a little subdued for the rest of the day, gave most thought for her sons, then got on with their lives until the funeral brought it back to mind for a bit, from which point they put it behind them.

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