Friday, September 14, 2012

Apple iPhone 5?

Don't like the new connector?

Don't think the 5 is a big enough upgrade from the 4?

Not interested in a phone that's just 20% thinner than before?

Fine. Don't buy the silly thing.

I won't, but then I've only ever bought one Apple product, a Power Mac 5440, and that's long gone.

But for crying out loud, it ISN'T the end of the modern world.


  1. Look at the phones we have now, also they have relaunched the 'indestructible' Nokia 3310, however its a different design as they've updated it. They should of left it as it was as i highly doubt this new model shall be as robust as the original.

  2. That reminds me, i was using a 128gb iphone 6 until the screen smashed.

    I'm now back to using my trusty 32gb iphone 4s which ive just finished fully refurbing the other day. :)